Relationships and Life
The Dynamics of Success

The Nature of Synergy

The Nature of Success

Personality + Communication + Acceptance = Happiness

Know your strengths and trust your instincts. When you know your functional order, you are equipped to embrace your full potential. When you are able to do that, you are more willing to do that with and for others.

Relationships are based entirely on willingness to work together. That requires constant and effective communication. That's talking and listening, combined.  Willingness to work with nature is the only way you can cooperate; working together. 

What we do

Coaching individually, in groups, classes, and webinars

Peaceful coexistence

What do you bring to the table? If you know yourself first, you will be able to offer the best of yourself to others. 

There is no neutral energy. Indifference is negative. If you are not positive, your acts are negative. If you are not aware of your current state, you do not accidentally succeed. 

Mindful cooperation

Do you appreciate what others have to offer? Are you aware of their natural gifts and talents and strengths and abilities?

When you do learn these distinct details about people, you are more likely to ask them to make your life better. When they know that you value who they are, they love to share their best! 

Functional maximization

Everyone does everything. Anyone can do anything. The only question is what we all should do--and how much.  We are all different. It's worth taking the time to identify what everyone needs. 

What's worse: doing what you're not? Or not doing what you are? Ask yourself that question when you have the opportunity to help others succeed personally in life.

One-on-one Coaching

Individual sessions afford you the chance to learn more about yourself. Coaching is not psychology. It's education about life and success. 

Equipment and strategy about reaching goals.


Listening to live presentations about various topics are a great way to learn more about what you think and feel and need. 

That's the first thing to do when you truly want to improve. 

Groups and Classes

An interactive setting affords people the chance to facilitate growth in others. Coaching groups are 30 minutes and are based on collaboration. 

Coaching classes are 60 minutes and based on a syllabus, including following a workbook.